Friday, September 25, 2009

This is how we tried to maximize the space on the tray.. haha GOOD TRY !..

First Try

Manage to buy some champagne grapes, so decided to try a new flavour / fruit to replace the traditional strawberry hearts...
We were just trying to get the taste right..

How It All Started

It has been years since we started eating jelly hearts... my aunty Connie bought this to one of our parties..
Everyone fell in love's so pretty and the taste is superb.
This desserts gradually became part of the party "must have".
It has never occur to us that we will be able to make or even sell it..
September 2009, I happen to order and share a box with my colleague.. they love it, pamela (my colleague) manage to obtain the recipe from internet. She share it with me, I took it home and ask my hubby if he is interested...

This is how all it started..